The UK swinging scene is booming. But aside from swinger clubs, countless horny Brits are now using UK swingers sites; we’re going to show you how to find them!

From homes in leafy suburbs and sex clubs to city centre hotels and discreet car parks, the British swinging lifestyle takes place in many places.

However, for new swingers, finding like-minded British adults who are sexually liberated isn’t always easy, and walking into a local swingers club for the first time can be daunting.

That’s where a swinger dating site comes in. These adult hookup apps and websites allow you to browse the swinger community in your local area, speak in chat rooms with like minded people, and arrange to meet for horny fun, all in the comfort of your home.

But there are a lot of swinging sites in the UK, and some are far more superior to others. But by the end of this guide, you’ll know what’s what when it comes to the best swinger dating sites.

But first, what’s the UK swinging lifestyle actually like?

Swinging In The UK?

“My Mrs takes cock well. Doesn’t she, mate?” said the proud partner of the woman I’d just watched take over ten dicks in both holes. I was in a Manchester swingers party, and it was my turn to fuck her next.

I first wandered into a British swingers club alone over ten years ago. After fucking six different women in one night, I was hooked on the lifestyle and I’ve never looked back.

As a 20-year-old black lad with a lot of sexual energy, I quickly became very popular in the swinger community and was soon a firm fixture on the UK swinging scene.

But sadly, Victorian-era attitudes persist, and the British swinging scene is still surrounded by stereotypes and misinformation (like the car keys in a bowl) are commonplace.

So, what is the British swinger sex scene actually like? Well, to put it into one word, it’s booming!

“House parties are how most would like to try swinging but seasoned swingers use swinging sites on the internet.”

– 1.5M Couples Like To Swing, The Daily Mirror.

Surveys have shown that over 1.5 million Brits have tried non-monogamy swinging, and 9 million more are eager to get involved. They simply don’t know how to go about it.

To cater for the country’s massive sex-swapping population, the UK is home to hundreds of safe, sexy, and well-regulated swinger clubs and non-monogamy lifestyle spaces.

But for those who want to dip their toe into the swinging lifestyle, it’s highly recommended to do it online via swinger dating sites and get some experience before visiting a UK swinging club.

Now, let’s look at five of the most popular swinging websites used by the horny people of the UK, whether they’re veteran swingers or newcomers to the lifestyle.

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is a Swinging Website With Millions of Members

First up is the adult hookup site that has been connecting quivering men’s dicks with dribbling swinger pussies for almost two decades: Adult Friend Finder.

Wherever I go in the world, this international hookup app never fails to supply a solid supply of sluts and kinksters to play with.

If you’ve read my recent tale of an anal-loving Chav slut I met up with through the app, then you’ll know that it’s a gem!

But when it comes to the British swinging scene, this premium hookup and dating site comes into its own and is used by countless sex-swapping swinger couples and singles across Great Britain.

As well as swinger couples and singles, a horny user can find teams of men (ideal for a gangbang) and stunning transsexuals on the site; there’s really something for everybody.

The chat rooms and forums are also a great way to discover new sexual kinks, local sexy partners, swinger clubs, and the best swinger parties happening near you.

The Main Reason AFF Has Millions of Members

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) isn’t the cheapest swingers site, but many will agree that this paid dating site is worth the investment and its millions of happy members certainly attest to it.

The monthly membership fee (£17) is the price of an average takeaway, but wouldn’t you much rather be dining between the legs of a British swinger slut than on bland food?

The membership fee of dating sites deters timewasters and weirdos and is a small price for the sheer number of sexual opportunities it can provide. You can join AFF today here. is One of The Most Popular Free Swingers Sites in The UK

Next up, we have This dated but easy-to-use swinger lifestyle site has many highly sexual users across the UK, largely due to the free membership features it presents.

From fresh-faced swinging Unicorns to battle-hardened MILFs looking to be gangbanged, the range of horny adults across the UK on Fab Swingers is seriously impressive.

With a free membership, users can message each other, view pictures, and arrange to meet up for horny, uninhibited fun.

A great feature of FabSwingers is the verification system. It’s largely flawless, difficult to manipulate and lets users know that the person they’re planning to meet is the real deal.

The site has a paid premium membership available, offering access to private site features like a members-only chat room and higher quality photos and sexy videos of community members.

However, most users opt for the completely free version. But this can damage the quality of the members quite a bit, which I’ll explain shortly.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About Fabswingers

I’ve had phenomenal sexual experiences on the Fabswingers app and met incredible swinging friends through it. But it’s not without its downsides, and I like to keep it real when it comes to the best swinger dating sites.

Unless you have a strict approach to your filters (verified, premium members only, etc.), you must shift through so many time-wasting fantasists on the site. It can be nightmarish.

Plus, Fab Swingers has developed a reputation for blanket banning the profiles of swingers clubs, adult industry professionals, and adult bloggers who sign up for the site.

Nobody knows why, but it seems like a fear of any form of competition. Sort it out, Fab. The adult community needs to stick together as partners. This isn’t how it’s done.

Victoria Milan (VM) is a UK Swinging Website For Sophisticated Kinksters

I love a tough-talking, streetwise British swinger who makes you cum so hard you question your whole existence. But I have an equally soft spot for the sophisticated ones, too.

Some of my best swinging experiences have been with posh English couples who, on the surface, look prudish and tame. All of whom I met through dating sites like Victoria Milan.

From the elegant Dominatrix who had me underneath a Queening Chair for three hours to the wealthy Hotwife who let me creampie her eight times, posh swinger couples are a lot of fun!

“If you wear a short enough skirt, the party will come to you.”

– Dorothy Parker.

But for this type of swinger, you’re unlikely to find them on free sites like Swinging Heaven or Fabswingers. Instead, sophisticated kinksters go to sites like Victoria Milan.

Billed as the world’s best website for married partners, Victoria Milan has courted controversy over catering to users seeking affairs, but it has also developed a strong swinger presence.

So, if you want to enjoy wild fun with Britain’s poshest swingers, Victoria Milan is a swinging site to consider. However, there’s a key trick to successfully using this site to find a partner.

The Sophisticated Key to Using Victoria Milan Properly

Victoria Milan (VM) is free for users to sign up for with limited features. But at its heart, this is a premium swingers site with an affordable monthly member fee of around £25.

Don’t cut corners when seeking to hook up with a refined, wealthy swinger couple. In my experience, the posh sluts and couples on sites like VM won’t consider a chat with a free, non-premium profile.

You can sign up for a free Victorian Milan profile here. If you like what you see, and I’m sure you will, you can consider investing in a premium membership.

Swinging Heaven Is One of The Seriously Underrated UK Swinger Dating Sites

Next, we have the aptly-named Swinging Heaven. This compact sex contacts platform is one of the UK’s most underrated free swingers sites with hundreds of members.

Whilst the this free site doesn’t have as many members as the likes of Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison, it’s a tight-knit swinger community that is very welcoming to new people.

It feels more like one of the few grass-roots swinging sites and, in contrast to Fab Swingers, they’re very proud to promote British swingers clubs, parties, and the wider adult industry.

SwingingHeaven also has a great free section for true swinging stories submitted by local swingers featuring everything from first-time Dogging stories to Hotwife gangbangs.

And that’s not all!

It’s Not Just About The Members!

One of the great features of Swinging Heaven is its featured parties and events section that covers the UK’s best sex parties and swinging clubs with prices, dates, and how they work.

With this, new and experienced local swingers alike can get a free digital roadmap of the British Isles’ sexually-liberated landscape and start planning their swinging sex adventures.

Plus, there are over 1,740 group communities on the app made up of British swingers with various kinks and interests, from interracial and Dogging to Gloryholes and BDSM.

Join Swinging Heaven for free and search for your potential swinging partners online, here.

Ashley Madison is One of The UK’s Most Notorious Swinging Websites

And last but not least is one of the UK’s and the world’s most notorious swinger dating sites, Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison courted controversy because it was used to cater to married users seeking to cheat on their relationship partners. This controversy accelerated during events like the 2015 hack.

But almost a decade later, Ashley Madison is still going strong with over 70 million members. And, in 2022, it has developed a strong swinger dating following, especially in the UK.

Due to its controversial beginnings targeting cheating spouses, Ashley Madison has become particularly popular amongst those in the Hotwife/cuckold lifestyle who fetishize infidelity.

I had an Ashley Madison account for twelve months just before everything went crazy in 2020 and social distancing made me delete it. But the twelve months I had o this swinger dating site were wild!

As a hung black lad, I was constantly contacted to be a Bull for cuckold couples. So if you’re into fucking nymphos senseless whilst their man watches, this is the site to do it.

Is Ashley Madison Worth It?

Each to their own, but cheating on your partner behind their back isn’t something I’d recommend, and it can be soul-destroying for all when you’re found out.

So when using Ashley Madison, I’ll admit that I ignored all contact from cheating women looking to fuck away from their husbands. But if that’s your thing, have at it.

I found the site a great place for Hotwife sex. Whether their consenting husband preferred to stay in the room or not, I was happy to fuck their wife either way and so were they!

Ashley Madison is a premium site and runs on an affordable token system. Horny women who wish to sign up for Ashley Madison can do so for free, but men have to pay.

Sorry, guys! But it’s the price to pay to avoid a complete sausage fest. You can sign up for Ashley Madison here.

So, What Makes a Great Swinger Dating Site?

To summarise, this guide has covered five of the UK’s most popular swingers’ sex and hookup sites, free and premium. But what is it that truly makes a great swingers site?

The truth is, like anything, you get what you pay for. Quite often, it’s worth it to pay for membership to a premium swinging website. Let me explain why.

Whilst free swinging sites can be great, free entry has a downside: The quality of the site’s swinger members is often lacking and spoils it for the rest.

Anybody can sign up for a free swingers site, including stress-inducing timewasters, weirdos, and fantasists, with no incentive to behave themselves.

With premium sites, on the other hand, users pay a monthly fee. In return, they usually want their money’s worth. This translates to less nonsense, and more real swinging meets.

So when it comes to choosing the best swingers site for you, treat it as an investment. But most importantly, have fun, stay safe, and I wish you all the best in your swinging venture!


This guide to the best swinger dating sites in the UK may contain affiliate links to products we’ve personally tested and approved. When you sign up for these swinger dating sites, Dirty Britain may receive a small commission in return.


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