When someone mentions Birmingham to you, the first thing you think about is likely Black Sabbath or Peaky Blinders.

It probably isn’t pornstar gangbangs, Bukkake clubs, porn cinemas, and nymphomaniac Brummie women. But by the end of this bonafide Birmingham sex guide, it will be!

From rock music to manufacturing, Britain’s second biggest city has had a massive cultural impact on the world, and the realm of sex and kink is no exception.

“I had to pinch myself when I left this sex club. After all, I’d just fucked five British pornstars in a debauched orgy for less than the price of a night out in a bar.”

Recently, I spent a very naughty week in Birmingham to explore every kinky corner of the Venice of the North and the sexually-liberated adults within it.

From a facesitting session with a sexy Pakistani nympho to attending an audaciously affordable pornstar bukkake, it’s fair to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

This incredibly diverse city in the Midlands is jam-packed with unique erotic experiences and horny locals to fill a canal boat (or ten!).

Now, without further ado, allow me to teach you how you can have the same filthy Birmingham sex experience that I did!

What Are The Women Like in Birmingham?

Birmingham is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in England. So there’s genuinely something for every taste here.

As well as an abundance of horny English girls, the city of 1,000 trades has strong Black and Asian communities. The latter comprises Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, and more.

So if you’re looking for a seductive black girl with big booty, a petite Chinese slut, a Pakistani girl with big tits, or a classic English harlot, Birmingham has it all!

But the important question on your lips right now is probably; where do I meet this diverse range of sluts in Birmingham?

Fear not, my horny reader, because I’m about to spill the beans on that next. Keep reading!

The Easiest Ways To Meet Local Sluts in Brum

The Birmingham sex scene is thriving, and there is a huge range of ways to hook up with local sluts for debauched Birmingham sex. Here are the top three ways that I did it.

  1. Adult hookup apps – On premium adult hookup sites in Birmingham like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder, users like to get their money’s worth. The membership cost weeds out timewasters and fantasists, meaning there is little bullshit to navigate when you want to fuck local girls.
  2. Bars – Brum has a thriving bar and club scene frequented by all types of women looking to have fun. Hooking up with MILFs, university students, and international visitors was a breeze. Having a convenient hotel room nearby to fuck came in handy!
  3. Dating apps – I had limited success with dating apps. It was time-consuming and riddled with timewasters. Nonetheless, I did bag some filthy casual sex through the likes of Tinder and Badoo. But the bulk of my debauchery was through adult hookup sites like AFF.

Of course, this is far from the only way to get your cock soaked in Birmingham. The city’s adult industry opens up many new sexual experiences you shouldn’t miss!

And speaking of which!

Four Unmissable Sexual Experiences in Birmingham

My balls were truly drained by the end of my week in Birmingham. Britain’s second city had swallowed me up (literally) and swallowed every drop rather than spitting me back out.

I could talk all day about the sexual experiences Birmingham has to offer. But I’m going to narrow it down to four unforgettable kinky experiences in Brum you can’t miss!

Bukkake Parties & Pornstar Gangbangs… These Are a Few of My Favourite Things!

I had to pinch myself when I left the Private Club in Aston, Birmingham. I’d fucked five British pornstars in a debauched orgy for less than the price of a night out in a bar.

Billed as Britain’s best-kept secret, this sprawling Birmingham sex club boasts everything from a Fake Taxi and BDSM dungeons to real Gloryholes and orgy rooms.

Each week, the club holds a diverse range of events, from wild pornstar gangbangs to sticky bukkake parties (usually followed by a orgy).

This Aston sex club is well-run by a close-knit, friendly, and professional team who welcomes all respectful kinksters to attend.

Whilst more of a sex club/swingers club, their events are equally attended by horny couples and singles which results in even more filthy fun to be had!

Trust me, if you don’t experience at least one of the parties at The Private Club when in Birmingham, you’ll seriously be missing out!

Visit One of Britain’s Last Surviving Porn Cinemas

In the 1976 movie Taxi Driver, porn theatres played a big role in the storyline. Today, in the era of internet porn, most people think that porn cinemas are long extinct. They’re wrong.

Inside Adult World, a sex shop just a few metres from Birmingham New Street Station, is a thriving porn cinema with regular strip shows and private dances for those who want more.

As a history buff off all things kinky, I just had to check it out. The entrance fee for such a relic of a bygone porn era was only 15 quid with a free strip show. Bargain!

Taking a seat alongside a handful of men and two horny couples, I finally had the chance to watch iconic porn flicks from Brazzers on the big screen.

When my hard on got the better of me, I slipped off for a private dance with one of the resident strippers and my porn-induced horniness was soon a distant memory.

Swingers Clubs in Birmingham

Whether you’re visiting the city with a partner or alone, Birmingham is home to two dedicated swingers clubs that welcome kinky folk from all walks of life.

  • Xtasia (140 High St, B70 6JJ) – A large swingers club with its own porn cinema and many other kinky play areas and facilities! Fun, affordable, and packed with like-minded horny adults, this is a great swingers club to check out in the city.
  • Chameleons (47A Picturedrome Way, WS10 8DQ) – One of two Chameleons swingers clubs in the UK, the Birmingham branch is not to be missed. From heavily-mirrored orgy rooms and leather sex swings to Gloryholes and Roman Baths, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience at this local swinging club.

So whether you’re a single guy, a couple, or a single couple, these Birmingham swingers clubs can guarantee a safe, horny, and sexually-liberated atmosphere for all.

To avoid disappointment, note that most swingers clubs require you to sign up for a membership in advance. It’s not expensive and can easily be done via an online form.

Transsexuals, Shemales, And Trannies in Birmingham

If you like your girls with a little extra between their silky smooth thighs, then you’ll love Birmingham. The city has a big community of transsexuals looking to play with guys.

Sadly, there are no dedicated trans sex clubs in the city. However, Brum’s vibrant gay quarter is often packed with transsexuals, shemales, and trannies.

So head out for a few drinks in one of the city’s buzzing gay bars and start mingling. You won’t have to look far for a horny transsexual looking to play!

Who Is Birmingham’s Pornstar Ambassador?

As with all of our sex guides, we nominate a porn ambassador for each British city based on an iconic pornstar who has been born and bred there.

For Brum, it can only be the Black Sabbath of sucking cock, the Peaky Blinder of creampie gangbangs; Jasmine Jae!

Jasmine Jae was born in Birmingham in 1981. Since then, she’s starred in more than 140 porn films and won AVN awards for her absolutely filthy performances.

From her killer body and cock melting dark eyes to her irresistible tits and sheer nymphomanic energy on screen, this pornstar from Birmingham is not to be missed.

To see Birmingham’s porn ambassador show off the slutty skills of her city, explore her most iconic Brazzers scenes in full 4K, so you don’t miss any squirt, orgasm, or cumshot!

Top Tips For Visiting Brum!

As with any city, there are always a few tips and tricks that can make your experience a whole lot better. To round off, here are my top tips for your kinky visit to Birmingham.

Visit In The Middle of The Week To Get The Best Hotels

This city never sleeps, but most tourists come at the weekend. So to get better accommodation prices and avoid the crowds, try to visit Birmingham mid-week.

Whether in bars or on popular local hookup apps, a nice hotel in the city’s centre will stand you in good stead when you’re hooking up with local sluts.

Try New And Exciting Food!

You must regain your energy when you’ve been balls deep in pornstars and blew your load into countless local girls you’ve met on popular hookup apps like Adult Friend Finder.

And what better way to do so than with amazing food? This diverse city is a food-lovers paradise.

From tantalizing Indian food and Afro-Caribbean classics to Eastern European cuisine and the taste of the Orient, don’t be afraid to try new and exciting dishes cooked authentically.

Wind Down With a Walk Along The Canals

Birmingham isn’t called The Venice of The North for nothing. In fact, the city has more canals than Venice!

With lots of pubs dotted along the way, they’re the perfect place for a relaxing walk after you’ve been deep up the wet canals of the city’s promiscuous women.

A World of Kinky Experiences Awaits You in The Black Country!

Birmingham has a rich history of manufacturing, from guns and jewellery to medals and iconic music.

But these days, Brummies are developing a reputation for manufacturing some of the filthiest sexual experiences in the British Isles.

From innovative porn star experience orgies to a diverse population of eager sluts of various cultures and ethnicities, there is something for every kinkster in Brum.

I hope this Birmingham sex guide has revolutionized how you view Britain’s biggest city and opened up a new world of debauched experiences for you when visiting Brum.

If you feel I’ve missed something about Birmingham that other readers should know about, drop a comment below and let me know!

Disclaimer: This Birmingham sex guide may contain affiliate links to products or services that I use and personally approve of. When you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


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