Looking out over the Irish Sea from the window of my beachfront hotel, the sound of the waves crashing contrasted with the wails of the horny Chav slut I was fucking up the arse.

As soon as I’d cum inside her, she showered and returned to her friend’s hen do. On the other hand, I went back on the prowl for yet more casual sex. I was in Blackpool, after all!

Let’s be honest; you probably associate the British seaside resort of Blackpool with fish and chips, stag dos, hen parties, pubs, donkeys, and all the wild fun that goes with it.

But did you know Blackpool is one of the UK’s most underrated sex destinations, packed with swinging clubs, sex hotels, and even a legal red-light district?

Our ultimate Blackpool sex guide takes you on a naughty journey along the promenade and backstreets of this notorious British town to reveal its kinky secrets.

By the end of this guide, you’ll likely find yourself visiting Blackpool for an entirely different purpose than usual!

What Are Blackpool Girls Like?

Firstly, I adore the people of Blackpool. Despite these trying times, they’re down-to-earth and friendly and always do their best to provide an unforgettable time for those who visit.

Regarding the girls in Blackpool, you can expect two different types: The locals and the tourists.

A popular domestic tourism destination, Blackpool brings in tourists from across the UK, from Scottish MILFs to Chav sluts from Yorkshire, all coming for a good time.

Away from home, looking to party, and with a cheap hotel room to play in, casual sex is widespread amongst Blackpool tourists, and it’s infamously easy to get laid here.

Then, there are the locals. Blackpool is an old-school place, so if you’re into classic British girls with a rampant sex drive or sex-starved mums looking to ride cock, you’ll find it.

From throat-fucking a jewellery-clad nympho MILF who looked like a dinner lady to arse fucking a 21-year-old, blonde Chav slut, I have fond memories of Blackpool girls.

But the most important question is, where does one meet sex-crazed locals and tourists for an unforgettable Blackpool sex experience? I’m going to spill the beans next!

The Best Ways To Meet Women For Casual Sex in Blackpool

If you visit Blackpool and didn’t come away with your dick glazed in pussy juices, then you didn’t do it right! Here are my three favourite ways to hook up for Blackpool sex.

  • Bars & Clubs – Blackpool has a huge range of bars and clubs packed with locals and tourists looking to have fun. In some bars, it can be as hedonistic as Berlin without the class. But who needs class when you’re drunk and balls deep in a cheating MILF in the pub toilets?
  • Bingo Halls & Arcades – A less-conventional method, but one of my favourites, is the bingo halls and arcades of the town during the daytime. These places are full of bored MILFs and housewives whiling away the hours on slot machines and the like. It’s unbelievably easy to flirt, and I often have them naked in my hotel room in no time!
  • Online Sex Apps – Adult hookup sites and sex apps are booming in Blackpool. Even in winter, when the tourists go home, the locals are still heavily active in trying to quench their sex drive. Try out popular local apps like Adult Friend Finder and type in Blackpool to be rewarded with a range of audacious sluts looking for casual, no-strings-attached sex.

Finding sex in Blackpool is like finding sand in the desert. These three methods are only the tip of the iceberg.

Next, I want to reveal some of the Blackpool sex experiences you cannot miss in this iconic seaside resort!

Five Unforgettable Blackpool Sex Experiences To Enjoy!

From sex hotels run by a seductive, horny MILF to legalized red light districts that look like a mini Amsterdam, a whole host of kinky experiences await you in Blackpool, such as:

An Abundance of Blackpool Swingers Clubs

So this is why they call it Las Vegas of the North, I thought as I lay back in the jacuzzi with a beer watching a 19-year-old slut lick the pussy of a horny Blackpool MILF clad in gold.

It was only the beginning; there was a long night of sin, sex, and debauchery ahead of us in this Blackpool swingers club.

Despite only having a population of 141,000 people, Blackpool is home to three booming swinging clubs.

That’s right, one sex club for every 47,000 people! A telling statistic of this town’s rampant sex drive.

Unless there’s a couples-only event, these clubs welcome single men to come and play with the wide range of horny singles and sexually-liberated couples who attend.

As with any swingers club, booking your place at parties in advance is highly advised to avoid disappointment.

From Club Play to Infusion, the swinging scene in Blackpool isn’t to be missed. There’s also a swingers club in the basement of a rather unique hotel on the town’s South Shore.

And speaking of which!

Spend The Night at a Sex Hotel

I’ve stayed in many hotels over the years. But it was only in Blackpool that I passed a Gloryhole and an orgy room on my way to the hotel’s breakfast room.

Whilst tucking into my full English, stripper heels, erotic artwork, and used panties decorated the walls around me. Only in Blackpool, I thought.

From the outside, the Crystal Hotel looks like any other terraced accommodation that dominates Blackpool. But amongst kink circles and swingers, it’s known as Hotel Paradise.

Experienced swingers run this underrated sex hotel. Downstairs is a large bar, a BDSM dungeon, Gloryholes, and mirrored rooms with giant beds for uninhibited group sex.

Upstairs is an array of sex-themed rooms where horny couples, singles, and groups can get some sleep after a long night of fun, frolics, and debauchery.

Couples, single men and women are all welcome to their parties. But again, book in advance to avoid disappointment. This is a popular place, and it can be busy.

Walk The Seedy Streets of a Legal RLD!

Many people are unaware that Blackpool is home to its own Red Light District. If you half shut your eyes and imagine the roads are canals, you could be in Amsterdam! Well, maybe.

From erotic saunas to happy-ending massage parlours, the area around Cookson Street is illuminated in red neon after dark as a slew of adult establishments open their doors.

Whether you want to fall at the feet of a merciless Dominatrix or melt into the oiled-up hands of a Thai massage girl, there’s something for all kinks on offer here.

Even if you don’t partake in any of the kinky services on offer, I highly recommend taking a walk there at night to experience one of the UK’s few legal RLDs. It’s very unique!

Transsexual Sex Parties!

The home of the famous Funny Girls and a thriving LGBTQ+ scene, Blackpool has an enormous population of transsexuals, Drag Queens, and shemales living there.

If you’re the type of person who loves to play with trans girls, then you won’t have to look far in Blackpool.

Almost every bar, pub, and club in the Gay Quarter of Blackpool’s North Shore have transsexuals looking to have a good time.

But if you want to skip the small talk, there are also regular transsexual-themed events inside Blackpool’s erotic saunas.

Clubs like W3 and Aqua Sauna often hold dedicated days for transsexuals and their admirers.

With sex rooms, porn cinemas, Gloryholes, and chill areas to wind down, transsexual days in these saunas are known to be a trans-sex experience like no other!

Top Tips For a Kinky Visit to Blackpool

As great as Blackpool is, there are still some important things any kinky visitor to the town should know. Next, I’ll share my top tips for visiting.

Keep Your Wits About You

Blackpool’s promenade and central streets are generally safe, although they can get wild on weekends. However, it’s good to keep your wits about you.

Also, try to avoid the backstreets of the town after dark, especially if you’re a bit drunk or alone. They can sometimes be rough, dimly lit, and not so safe.

Avoid Street Prostitutes

It’s not uncommon to be approached by ladies of the night on the street in Blackpool after you’ve had a few drinks. I highly advise avoiding them.

With many horny women and a legal RLD, getting laid in Blackpool is not hard. Soliciting street prostitution is not only illegal, but it’s also risky.

There have been reports of these street hookers leading men away into an alleyway only to be robbed by a male accomplice.

Don’t Go To The Middle Walk Cruising Area

The Middle Walk cruising area is a lower section of the main promenade in Blackpool and is often used for casual sex by men and women, both gay and straight.

However, it’s far from safe. Horrendous murders have taken place there, among other crimes. Again, there are far better ways to have casual sex in Blackpool. Avoid this place.

Who Is The Blackpool Porn Ambassador? Katie Kay!

No sex guide to a British town or city would be complete without a Porn Ambassador showing off their town’s sexual prowess on camera for the world to see.

For Blackpool, it’s none other than the bust blonde seductress that is Katie Kay! Born in Blackpool in 1987, she jumped into the porn industry at the age of 19.

In a career spanning eight years, Kay’s look shifted from a classic Blackpool girl you’d see hunting for cock along the promenade to a veteran nympho MILF.

With incredible tits to fully bury your dick between and a meaty pussy that is just begging to be pumped with spunk, there is no better Blackpool Porn Ambassador than Katie Kay!

To Sum Up: There’s More To Blackpool Than The Illuminations!

With a world-famous tramway, Europe’s oldest amusement park ride, and the world-famous Illuminations, Blackpool is a town everyone should experience at least once.

But when you grow tired of the mainstream sites, the warm, welcoming arms of the Blackpool sex scene await you.

I hope this adult guide to Blackpool has opened your eyes to the erotic delights of this classic British seaside town.

If you know of a kinky experience, tip, or piece of advice for horny folk planning to visit Blackpool, why not drop a comment below and let us know?

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Disclaimer: This Blackpool Sex Guide is merely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. In addition, we may have included affiliate links in this article. When a purchase is made through these links, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to the reader.


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