The following true Dogging story is an adventure of two naturist teens sunbathing naked and triggering wild Dogging sex in the sleepy hills of Yorkshire. Names and dates may have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

“I can’t believe we’re actually in London, Stace, can you? This is so exciting!” 

I smiled back at Veronica wanly, pulling my bag off the carousel. Veronica was always enthusiastic about everything, her bright blue eyes sparkling like sapphires sparkling in her pretty face.

It was part of why guys loved her so much. The other parts were, well, pretty obvious. She stood about 5’6 in her heels (and she was mostly in heels) and had long black hair that spilt down over her shoulders, framing her ample bosom.

She loved showing off her long, shapely legs in hot pants or mini-skirts; even the hiking outfits she’d brought showed off her assets to stunning effect. 

I was a bit more of a wallflower, even if Veronica constantly reassured me I was hot as she was. I was a natural blonde, my hair tending to untamed and curly, and I usually marshalled it into a tight bun.

I was smaller in the chest than Veronica and a little taller; she swore blind that guys were obsessed with my ‘tight ass’, but I just couldn’t see it. Probably because it was behind me.

“I could feel her cool breath on my thigh, pushing the deep heat in my nether regions away.” 

On top of that, I was pretty shy – nowhere near as confident as she was. But wasn’t that what this trip was about? Bringing me out of my shell a little – and if there was one thing Veronica was great at, it was bringing people out of their shells. Especially guys. 

Guys. The last thing I want to think about right now. Thinking about guys just made me think of Brandon. And every time I thought of Brandon I –

“Hey,” said Veronica gently, her fingers lifting my chin up. “He’s not worth it. Forget about him.” 

I smiled and blinked back tears. “That’s why we’re here, right?” 

She grinned, a twinkle in her eye. “Exactly. Now let’s show Yorkshire how Americans party!” 

It wasn’t even a day before we were hanging out in the Yorkshire Dales, a quaint little slice of greenery in the middle of England full of meadows, trees, rivers, and even waterfalls.

Who even knew they had waterfalls in England? It was like something out of one of those Hobbit movies or something. 

We’d dumped our bags in our cute little rental (everything was smaller in England; when I pointed this out, Veronica archly said that she hoped it wasn’t everything) and, four hours later, were pulling into a parking lot overlooking a beautiful valley. 

“Good spot?” said Veronica, leaping out of the car and stretching. Her long, bronzed legs, clad in nothing more than tiny hiking shorts, drew admiring glances from a couple of camping dads in the parking lot. 

“Maybe,” I said, looking pointedly at one of the dads who was oblivious to the daggers his wife was shooting him. “Let’s hike out a bit; try not to break up any marriages?” 

“I can’t promise anything,” she said with a devilish grin. She glanced at the dad and sashayed over to the trunk, hips swaying. It was like his head was on a swivel. 

I rolled my eyes as she took the tent out. “Home-wrecker.” 

“What? I can’t control where his eyes go!” 

“You can, and you know it,” I said, laughing. 

“You oughta give it a go, Stace,” she said. “Let’s see if we can’t turn you into a snake charmer on this vacation.” 

I rolled my eyes again. “Pass.” 

That devilish grin again. “You say that now…” 

We grabbed our stuff and set off into the wilderness, leaving nothing behind but the car and several lingering glances. 

Two Teen Nudists Find a Quiet Spot

Veronica found a sun-dappled grove for us to set up our tent, the grass long enough to tickle our ankles but cool and comforting against the fierce midday sun. A picnic bench sat in the middle, perfect for the brats we planned on barbecuing later.  

“This is such a great place to work on our tans,” said Veronica. She pulled her tank top off and unclipped her bra; moments later, her perfect breasts spilt out, beads of sweat glistening on their immaculate curves. 

“Veronica!” I hissed. I could feel the flush in my cheeks. “What if someone comes along?” 

“Relax,” she said saucily, stepping out of her shorts and panties. I couldn’t help but see the impeccable trim of her landing strip before I tore my gaze away, cheeks blazing. “We’re miles away from the nearest campsite.” 

“There could be people around, Veronica! We’re in the middle of a fucking forest. They could be watching us. From the trees or something.” 

“Nobody’s watching.” 

She slunk over to me. My cheeks had never been so hot in my life. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Come on. You gonna let me sunbathe naked by myself?” 

“Uh… yes?” 

I felt nimble fingers on the drawstring of my shorts. “Uh… no.” 


“Shhh. There’s nothing like the feel of the sun on your naked body, Stace. Trust me.” 

Reluctantly, I let her pull my shorts down. Let her take my panties off. I could feel her cool breath on my thigh, pushing the deep heat in my nether regions away. I wasn’t gay, and neither was she. We both liked men. 

Another minute and she had me completely naked. I stood bashful, like a kid in the school showers. 

“Just relax, Stace. Think of your tan lines. Or lack thereof.” 

“Fine. This is so dumb. I swear, if someone sees—”

“Nobody’s gonna see!” She shrugged. “And even if they do, who cares?” She shook her shoulders, causing her pert boobs to wobble. “They’ll have a hell of a show, right?” 

She was wrong – and she was right. Somebody saw.  

And what a show they had. 

Naturist Teens Discoer They’re Not Alone

“Veronica! Someone’s watching!” 

I’d spotted the shadow of someone in the trees beyond the grove, sitting up on one elbow and covering my chest with my other arm. 

Veronica looked over lackadaisically. “So there is. Hey! You watching us?” 

A young guy, in his late twenties, from the looks of it, emerged from the trees with a sheepish grin. “Ya got me,” he said in his strange English accent. Hugh Grant, he wasn’t. 

I scrambled for my clothes.

Veronica glanced over me, that devilish grin back. “Relax.” Looked back at him. “Like what you see?” 

“How could I not?” He looked back at the trees. “You girls don’t strike me as local.” 

Veronica laughed. “What gave it away, the American accents?” 

“That was a bit of a hint, aye. You probably don’t know this is a local dogging haunt, then.” 

She raised an eyebrow and lay back, exposing her breasts more fully to the guy. “What’s dogging?” 

“Probably easiest if I show you,” he said. 

Veronica—” I hissed, pulling my top back on. 

Relax!” she stage-whispered back. “Just watch for a bit. See how you feel.” 

Whores On The Moors: A Sloppy Lesson in Dogging Sex

The guy put his fingers to his lips and gave a loud whistle. Two more men appeared. Then a fourth. 

“Got some dogging amateurs, lads,” he said. His hand went to the crotch of his jeans. “Americans.” 

“I’ve always fancied something a bit more exotic,” said another. He unzipped his fly. “I’ll have the blonde.” 

“She’s just watching for now,” said Veronica, sitting up and squatting on her haunches. “Why don’t you come over here and show me what you can do?” 

“With pleasure,” said the first one, his hair long and slightly greasy like some British indie singer. 

The four sauntered over, two to her front and two to her back, shooting the odd glance at me. I watched, appalled… and a little intrigued. 

The first man – Noel, I christened him in my head – produced a cock that was long and thick and veiny.

No sooner had it popped from the fly of his jeans, Veronica had taken it deep in her mouth with a deep moan. A second cock appeared; she took it confidently in her free hand and began working it with slow, firm pumps. 

My jaw dropped. The other two men unzipped their flies, took out their dicks, and began jerking off as they watched her. 

I couldn’t believe it. It was so disgusting – how could she just blow strangers like this in the middle of some grove in England? How could she be so slutty? 

But I had to admit – as I watched, part of me couldn’t help but be fascinated. Part of me wondered what their cocks tasted like – how they might feel deep inside me. 

I felt the towel beneath me getting damp. 

My Nudist Teen Friend is Ready to Play

Veronica stopped sucking long enough to look over at me. Her devilish smile played across her spit-slicked lips. 

“Why don’t we take it over to that picnic bench, boys?” she said sultrily. “I think maybe my friend is ready to play now. Whaddya say, S?” 

“I— I don’t know,” I said hoarsely. They were strangers

“We’ll take it easy on you, luv,” said one of them, one who was just watching and touching himself, and rough, dry hands helped me up.

My top was gone in moments, and this time I didn’t feel embarrassed – I felt warm between my legs, moist. 

I felt ready. 

“I was like a pig on a spit, hammered back and forth, riding two fat dicks and trying not to lose my balance.”

Before I knew it, I felt the coarse wood of the bench digging into my back, felt one guy’s tongue plumbing the depths of my sopping cunt.

The other guy stood over me, his engorged cock hanging over my head, and then he worked it into my mouth.

I moaned and sucked at it eagerly, my tongue working his shaft. Besides me, Veronica was on all fours on the surface of the bench, one cock in her mouth and the other pistoning deep into her snatch.

She rocked back and forth, taking one cock deep inside before deepthroating the other, perfect breasts swaying in the afternoon sunlight. 

I moaned and shifted. His tongue was further down now, down there. Where nobody’s tongue had ever been before. It felt strange, alien. Then it pushed its way all the way into my starfish, and I gasped in pleasure. 

He stood, his chin slick with saliva, and brought his meaty cock up. I had never had a cock there – had always been afraid of the pain. 

I spread my legs further and sucked the cock deeper into my mouth. A moment later, I felt the other cock probing, teasing. Then it was all the way in. 

Pain flared for a brief instant, but it was soon gone. In its wake was a feeling of fullness I’d never had before and a deep, warm pleasure. 

He began to pump his hips rhythmically, his dick deep in my ass. I moved with him, pumping my hips, riding the wave to take the cock in my mouth deeper.

I was caught between the two dicks, speared in the ass by one and the throat by another, and they both began to move faster. I was like a pig on a spit, hammered back and forth, riding two fat dicks and trying not to lose my balance. 

Veronica’s duo pulled out at the same time, angry throbbing erections driven to the edge, and they both shot fat glistening ropes of cum over her face, her ass, her tits.

It made me even more excited, and I clenched down on the dick in my ass, sucking it in, willing him to cum. 

Dogging Stories Awaken The Inner Whore of This Teen Naturist

I felt him before I heard him, felt the sticky, warm, wet explosion deep in my ass, and I cried out.

No sooner had the cry escaped my throat than it was drowned in cum, swallowed by three sticky-salty blasts of semen shot directly into my throat.

He pulled out of my mouth and fired another two ropes across my face, and I moaned as I felt the other cock, slicked in its own cum, slide out of my asshole. 

Veronica smiled at me, her pretty face painted with cum. 

“Told you this trip’d bring you out of your shell, S,” she said. 

I laughed and laid back, feeling the cum dripping out my puckered asshole. “You weren’t wrong.” 

I didn’t just lose my anal cherry that day. Any inhibitions I’d ever had died on that picnic bench, and when we got back to the States, I was as cum-hungry as Veronica. 

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