The following, referred to by some as one of the most shocking British cuckold sex stories ever told, is a true story. Only names, dates, and places may have been changed.

My name is Mark. My ex-wife, who I found out had been attending swinging parties for six years instead of ”working overtime”, had recently divorced, leaving me with a nice payout.

As a horny, single man, I met Kayleigh on Adult Friend Finder. I’ve never been the most Alpha of guys, and I felt I was really punching above my weight with her.

Petite, blonde, and fiery, Kayleigh was a confident 22-year-old with a naturally toned body topped with a beautiful pair of natural tits. But her life was a proverbial car crash.

Kayleigh was a dropout. She couldn’t hold down a job and had terrible money-management skills. But I, as a 38-year-old divorcee, was drawn to her like a moth to the flame.

From the first date, Kayleigh had marked herself as the one in charge. She ordered what she liked from the menu and made me pay.

Despite Kayleigh’s explicit pictures on her Adult Friend Finder profile, it took four very expensive dates before she decided to fuck me.

When we did, she insisted it was Doggystyle, and she repeatedly played on her phone as I fucked her, letting out fake moans of pleasure throughout until I came inside her.

Fast forward three months, Kayleigh moved into my new London apartment with me rent-free. I knew full well I was being used, but something inside me loved it.

From asking me to leave for the evening so she could invite friends over to staying out until all hours with me at home, I was very laid back to keep her happy.

Of course, I strongly suspected Kayleigh was cheating on me regularly, but I didn’t rock the boat.

But her behaviour, combined with the audacity of my new neighbour, would push me to the limit. In the aftermath, I was to become hooked on a sexual lifestyle I had no idea existed.



“Have you met Justin?” Kayleigh said excitedly when returning home from a shopping trip I paid for, “he’s just moved in next door; he’s so cool!”

Justin had moved in a few weeks ago. I hadn’t met him yet, but I’d certainly heard him due to the paper-thin walls in my newly-built apartment complex.

Over the weeks, I could hear him aggressively fucking what sounded like many different women.

With Kayleigh often spending nights out and me home alone, she hadn’t heard Justin’s antics through the wall, and I hadn’t mentioned it to her.

One day, after picking an exhausted Kayleigh up from a party in South London, we bumped into Justin at the entrance to the apartment complex when he was on his way to work.

At about 6 foot 2 (1.88 m), my new neighbour had quite a dominating presence. He was black, gym-built, well-dressed, and exuberating a very Alpha male demeanour.

For some reason, Justin’s presence really energized her. The pair immediately burst into friendly conversation. Standing behind Kayleigh, I awkwardly introduced myself.

Justin had zero interest in me. With a dominant stare, he shook my hand in a vice-like grip before switching back to Kayleigh and asking about the party she’d just been to.

“If you’ve got any energy left, you should come over to my place tonight”, Justin said casually, “I’ve hardly had any housewarming guests since I moved in”.

Despite how much she probably didn’t want to, Kayleigh casually assumed that Justin was talking to both of us and both of u planned to come over for drinks later that evening.

What Time Do You Go To Bed, Mark?

When Justin’s apartment door opened, a fire lit up in his eyes when he saw Kayleigh standing in front of him, but it was promptly extinguished when he looked at me.

The apartment was beautiful. When I looked down the hall, saw the bedroom, and remembered everything I’d heard, I almost shied away like I’d seen someone naked.

Justin kept a respectable distance. Kayleigh and I sat on his large comfortable couch whilst he pulled up a dining chair and played his favourite music.

The night went as awkward as you can imagine. I’ve never been much of a heavy drinker, and Kayleigh and Justin both outdrank me and promptly mocked me for nursing my wine.

Justin was 28. Being much closer to Kayleigh’s age group, the pair had much more in common and hit it off from the beginning. I was left sitting there like a spare part.

When I returned from the bathroom, the line between Alpha and Beta was drawn. Justin had slipped into my seat beside Kayleigh and was looking me right in the eye.

As the pair became drunker and louder, I was increasingly shut out. Then, around midnight, Justin said something that changed everything. “What time do you go to bed, Mark?”

“Usually about 23:30. Isn’t it, babe?” Kayleigh said before I could speak.

“What about you, Kayleigh?” Justin said with a smirk.

“Oh, me? It doesn’t matter; I’m a night owl. I can go all night,” Kayleigh chuckled whilst sipping a cocktail Justin had made her.

I’m too polite and never want to overstay my welcome, and both of them knew which buttons to press. I said my goodbyes and got ready to leave.

“I won’t be long, Mark. I’ll finish my drink, and I’ll be right behind you”, Kayleigh slurred, “I’m not saying which drink, though, haha!”

The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation

As their loud voices and laughter trailed behind me, I returned home and went to bed. I felt humiliated by how Justin had behaved and tossed and turned for about half an hour.

Suddenly, I could hear their drunken voices approaching through the wall. What the fuck is she doing in Justin’s bedroom? I thought to myself.

Giggling turned into lustful moans in the space of a few seconds before Kayleigh went silent. Loud Alpha moans broke the silence from Justin.

When I heard the unmistakable “gawk, gawk, gawk!” I knew Kayleigh had dropped to her knees between Justin’s legs. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Fuck this! I’m going to stop this, I thought to myself. But I stopped myself before opening the front door. What could I do to a guy like Justin? He’d probably fuck me too.

So, I retreated back into bed and listened with morbid curiosity as my neighbour had the time of his life with the girl whose rent I’d been paying for months.

“You love black dick, don’t you, girl?” Justin grunted as Kayleigh grunted unceremoniously in response, “put it to the back of your throat and wrap that tongue around my fuckin’ balls!”

It sounded like Justin was using Kayleigh like a cheap sex toy. The gagging sounded like something out of the most extreme porn film.

I was furious. I always showed her more respect than that when she decided to fuck me. Then, after a slight pause, my humiliation was about to reach boiling point.

Extreme Cuckold Sex Stories Begin In My Girlfriend’s Ass

“Use as much as you can, babe; I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to take a dick that size”, Kayleigh laughed as I tried to decipher what was happening on the other side of the wall.

I soon realized that Kayleigh had granted Justin access to her ass. Since the first time we had sex, Kayleigh had told me she had never done anal, nor did she want to try.

After a few minutes of painful moans and flinching in pain, my cheating girlfriend was soon clearly being impaled on Justin’s black dick. Worst of all, she adored every second of it.

“Use my white ass, baby!” Kayleigh slurred, “I want to feel you pump your babies up my ass!”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Justin grunted, “white whores like you are only good for anal; who the fuck wants to get you pregnant?”

I thought this was it; Kayleigh is a confident girl who won’t stand for this. I thought these words would cause her to storm out and drop this abhorrent behaviour. But I was wrong.

“Yessss, fuckin’ degrade me!” Kayleigh grunted in guttural lust, “ah, ah, ahhh! Fuck! Spit in my mouth!”

The only upside was that Kayleigh’s dirty talk eventually ended the humiliating event, and Justin came about twenty minutes after he’d started fucking her.

I listened intently with tears in my eyes as the moaning was replaced by heavy breathing and that was replaced by the sound of a shower running.

Used as a Human Cum Rag

“That was amazing, babe. Sorry I fucked up your makeup,” Justin’s muffled voice echoed down the corridor, “let’s do it again sometime, yeah? Leave your man at home next time”.

When Kayleigh came home, I pretended to be asleep. My body was a blend of emotions. I was humiliated and angry as much as turned on and excited.

After checking in to see if I was asleep, Kayleigh turned on the shower only to turn it off seconds later and drunkenly mutter to herself, “I can’t be arsed”.

Sliding into bed next to me, I could smell the unmistakable stench of sex clinging to Kayleigh’s body as she casually sent texts on her phone.

“Babe… babe, are you awake?” she said, nudging my chest, “I want you to eat me out. I’m so fucking horny, and I don’t know why!”

Kayleigh knew I was usually a deep sleeper and had no doubt convinced herself that I was fast asleep through her sleazy sex with the next-door neighbour.

I pretended to keep my eyes closed until I felt a sudden pressure on my face. Kayleigh had drunkenly squatted over me and was now planting herself on my face.

“Kayleigh, what the hell are you doing?” I asked as my voice cracked, “I just want to sleep”. But deep down, something inside me was stirring.

Despite paying for her way in almost every aspect of life, Kayleigh rarely gave me access to her pussy. My mind said no, but my lust said yes. My tongue was soon worshipping her.

Knowing Kayleigh had just been fucked up the ass, I tried to avoid her butt at all costs and reserved my tongue for her pussy. But it was hopeless.

When her pussy swallowed my entire tongue with ease, I could taste the musky scent of sweat mixed with male shower gel. Justin had used both of her holes equally.

“Stay there until I cum, ok?” Kayleigh said in a demanding tone.

She began grinding her crotch into my face so aggressively that I had no option but to lap at her ass as much as her pussy.

I couldn’t bear the shame of Kayleigh knowing I was awake through the whole ordeal, so I didn’t want to raise any suspicion by not licking her pussy as hungrily as I usually would.

Her asshole, which I previously thought had never been fucked, was now a puffy mess and freshly fucked ass meat that tasted of ball sweat and the sweet taste of lube.

“Ohhhhhh… Fuckkkkk!” Kayleigh moaned as she underwent her last orgasm of the night on the tip of my tongue, “I’m… I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!”

Gripping my shoulder with one hand and her exposed tit with the other, Kayleigh’s body convulsed, and her holes clenched as the orgasm took hold.

As her asshole contracted, I was awarded my second to last humiliation of the night. It wasn’t only lubricant that her asshole was flooded with.

The slimy, salty, and musky taste of cum suddenly filled my mouth, causing me to gag violently. Justin had fucked her ass bareback, whereas I was always relegated to condoms.

“What’s up?” Don’t you like the taste of my pussy or something?” Kayleigh asked in a mixture of slight panic and interrogation.

“no, darling, you just came a lot, and it took me by surprise”, I said, trying to cover my humiliation, “I love the taste of you, you know that!”

Maybe Tomorrow?

“Mmmm, thanks, babe!” Kayleigh said whilst sloppily kissing me on the lips, “I really needed that!”

As she kissed me, I vividly recalled where her mouth had just been: Wrapped around Justin’s cock and taking mouthfuls of his spit in a truly degrading fashion.

Kayleigh fell off me and onto her side of the bed. She was rattling from multiple orgasms experienced through the night. I peered down at her exposed pussy between her thighs.

“Can we fuck, Kayleigh?” I asked whilst reaching for a condom from the bedside table, but I was brutally rejected.

“Erm, maybe tomorrow, babe? I’m shattered”, Kayleigh said whilst turning her back, and her freshly-fucked ass, to me.

Of course, tomorrow never came. It wasn’t the last time Kayleigh would be on her knees in Justin’s apartment.

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